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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to Include the Desert Map in the Upcoming Testing Phase

The current testing phase of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently came to an end, followed by thanks from developer Bluehole to their fans for their feedback. But they also announced what fans had been eager to hear for many months now.

The Desert Map will be a part of the next testing phase of the game. Apart from this, a Sawed-Off Shotgun will also be added into the game to aid those players who prefer to take their battles in the enemy’s face.

There had been rumors about a Desert Map for many months now with many screenshots leaked which detailed the new map. The first-ever gameplay footage will be witnessed by the crowd and across the world finally on Dec. 07 at the annual ‘The Game Awards’.

This is a good indication of the fact that it will probably arrive on the test servers a short time after that. Apart from this, it will be interesting to note what other changes are seen in the game as we are about to have the full version release of the game in late December along with the Xbox One version releasing on Dec. 12.

It is probable that there will be at least another round of testing before the final release though, which will give players a chance to get a taste of the map.

The Game Awards begin at 5:30 PM PST on Dec. 07 with many interesting announcements, maybe perhaps a new game from the legendary developer Hideo Kojima since he will be present at these Awards.

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