Expecting Curse of Osiris to Increase the Destiny 2 Vault Space? Think Again

Bungie has already promised that Curse of Osiris, the first expansion pack, will address several criticisms received for Destiny 2. However, there are still some aspects that the developer will not be touching for the time being.

Responding to the request of additional vault space, community manager David “DeeJ” Dague assured that the development team is aware of the problem and will continue to bring it up in future meetings. The statement, though, makes it obvious that any improvements to the inventory will have to wait until the first expansion pack is out and running.

In its current form, Destiny 2 features more gear than can be stored. Players are yet to unlock everything that the sequel offers but they have already exceeded their allotted space. Not to mention that Curse of Osiris will introduce a new weapon tier called Masterworks. That will only make it more difficult for players to decide between what weapons and armor to discard in order to make room for new loot.

This was also a common issue with the first installment. Back then, Bungie increased the vault space several times in light of feedback. It is rather surprising that the developer did not learn from the first time. Destiny 2 should have released with more vault space from the very first day but there is still hope for betterment.

Curse of Osiris is scheduled to release for Destiny 2 on December 5 and will be accompanied by a massive update. Bungie will then release a second wave of changes on December 12 before heading out for the holidays. January will then bring further improvements.