Star Wars Battlefront 2 Secrets And References You Might Have Missed

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a game that, despite all the uproar and the discussion it created, has a lot of development value implemented on its content. Even though many players will not pay attention to minor details that hardcore Star Wars fans may find extremely important, DICE has some well-hidden easter eggs and references hidden in the game’s maps. Let’s see some rather interesting references to the Star Wars universe seen in the game, you can see more though in the video down below.

Did you know that Iden Versio played a big role in unraveling the Operation Cinder, which is basically a contingency plan devised by Emperor Palpatine if the Empire was ever to be destroyed. The plan was put into action following the Emperor’s death during the Battle of Endor. During the mission “Outcasts” you will be tasked to destroy the satellites disrupting the weather patterns in Naboo as Iden, which has a direct link to the Operation Cinders and connects it to the comics mentioning it.

Also, in Heroes vs Villains when you die as Darth Maul you can hear a droid saying that Qui Gon Jinn is somewhere laughing which is a direct reference to Maul stabbing Jinn and causing his death. How’s that for some cool Star Wars Battlefront 2 reference?

Let’s head to some more memorable references to the Star Wars movies. In Mos Eisley map in Tatooine, you can find the iconic Cantina Band playing the movie’s iconic Cantine music. To activate the easter egg go up to the hologram projector and hold the interaction button and there is your cantina band. You may not be able to hear the song but, come on, you already started singing it in your head without help.

To close up, you can spot the interrogation room that was used to hold Rey in the film The Force Awakens within the Starkiller base, as well as the room in which the Death Star briefing scene took place during the film A New Hope, set in the Yavin 4 map.

Wanna know more about the aforementioned references? Want to see more  Star Wars Battlefront 2 Easter Eggs and secrets? Check out the video above to find out more.