Here’s The Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Preload Time, December 5 At 8 AM PST

Bungie has unveiled the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris preload time, which is on December 5 at 8 AM, Pacific Standard Time. The expansion will be the first for Destiny 2, and will focus on the Warlock Osiris as you help him fight against the Vex to keep them from dominating the solar system.

The expansion will allow players to go to Mercury for more than just a few missions, and will include a number of new weapons and pieces of gear that are related to Osiris. Players will also have new challenge areas, like the Infinite Forest, to play through as they run through a Vex simulator of how Guardians fight.

The Curse of Osiris preload time is actually really close to when the expansion will actually release, which is on December 5 at 10 AM, Pacific Standard Time. Normally preload times are several days before the content releases, or at least the day before, but it seems like Bungie is just making it so that people who pre-ordered the expansion can play it faster.

In order to download the Curse of Osiris expansion, players will need to have 88 gigabytes of memory free on the Playstation 4, along with 44 gigabytes on the Xbox One and 68 gigabytes on the PC in order to preload the expansion.

Whether this speaks to how big the expansion is, or if there’s a lot of other stuff that’s also being added to the game along with it, remains to be seen. Either way, if you don’t have a sufficiently high Power level (since the expansion will raise it to 300) you might want to start looking for better gear any way you can, especially since there’s only four days left until the expansion drops.

If you’ve been able to pre-order the expansion, be on the lookout for when the Curse of Osiris preload becomes available.