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Puzzle Fighter Tips and Cheats Guide – Tips and Tricks, Combo Guide, Affinity Colors Explained, Best Fighters, Unlocking Characters

In this Puzzle Fighter Tips and Cheats Guide, we will share some tips and strategies for winning in Puzzle Fighter. Puzzle Fighter features many Capcom’s famous characters and is an online fighting game borrowing gameplay element from Tetris. Just like any other online fighting games, Puzzle Fighter is a difficult game if you are a newcomer to the game.

We have curated this Puzzle Fighter Tips and Cheats Guide in which we have shared some excellent tips and strategies for you and with their help, you will be the owning your online competition in no time.

Puzzle Fighter Tips and Cheats Guide

Puzzle Fighter Tips and Cheats Guide details everything that you need to know about owning the online competition in Puzzle Fighter.

Puzzle Fighter Tips and Cheats – How to be the Best Fighter

Puzzle Fighter is a mobile game and it features many favorite Capcom characters from different games. All your favorites are here such as Frank West from Dead Rising, Ryu from Street Fighter, and X from Mega Man. In online games, you will face real players from around the world and it becomes a challenging game as each player is put against an equally skilled opponent.

Puzzle Fighter How to Learning Combos

Each player has crash orbs on them of different colors. You should always try to combo crash orbs off each other to unleash a massive damage dealing attack. However, you must keep this in mind if you miss this, this will backfire resulting in you losing the match. You can, however, make sure that the combo goes in your favor by separating the crash orbs using a color that you are already using.

This will make sure that only use the crash orbs when you really need to for the combo. This all depends on you that how you want to use these combos. Play around the mechanics and look for more combo options using the orbs and the crash orbs. You can use different means to pull off massive combos that will make sure that you will the match.

Puzzle Fighter Affinity Colors

Each time in a battle, you will have a specific color assigned to you. This will be your affinity color and the board will have blocks of that color as well. If you break blocks of the same color as your characters, they will deal extra damage plus building up a big block of gems and then crash them to yield a stronger move than a normal combo move. So you should focus on breaking blocks that match the colors of your fighters.

Puzzle Fighter Unlocking Support Fighters

During your early online battles, you will only have one character and will have to unlock your support character after four battles. If you get an opponent during this time who already has their support character, do not quit and go ahead and complete the match. Once you are done with first four initial matches, you will have access to your support fighter. Support fighters are a great help in any battle so they should be your priority. You do not have to win four matches; successfully completing four matches will unlock them for you.

This concludes our Puzzle Fighter Tips and Cheats Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!