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Pokemon Final Jeopardy Question Stumps All But One Contestant

If you’re one of those types that enjoys watching game shows along with video games, you might have been caught a bit off guard by the Pokemon Final Jeopardy question that came on the game show Jeopardy last night. The question was answered, but otherwise stumped two of the three contestants.

Most of the time that people think of “Jeopardy” in the same thought as “video games”, they think back to the infamous meme where a contestant answered “Dankey Kang”, though that turned out to be a photoshop and the question was actually “What US city shares its name with an element of the periodic table.” This time, however, the question was accurate.

The question itself referred to Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri, and asked “The desire in his childhood to catch every insect inspired Satoshi Tajiri to create this 1996 game.” Pokemon’s first two (or rather, three) games, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Green, came out in 1996, sparking the enormous franchise that Pokemon has become today (selling its 300 millionth copy last week).

While the winning answer to the Pokemon Final Jeopardy question went to contestant Matt Preston, the other two contestants guessed “Splat” (possibly meaning Splatoon or maybe just guessing a random game-sounding name) and “Centipede” (a good guess considering the subject matter), respectively. Preston, who had bet all but one dollar on his answer, ended up walking away with a prize of $20,799.

Considering that video games are still thought of these days as something only young people really know much about, it’s no surprise that the Pokemon Final Jeopardy question proved so difficult to answer. Other questions on Jeopardy mainly involve things like quotes, historical figures, literature, geography, and a wide variety of other topics.

If you want to see the moment for yourself, you can look at the actual Jeopardy clip further up the article.