Game Dev Tycoon iOS Port Sells 1500 Copies On Day One, No Piracy

A Game Dev Tycoon iOS port has finally released onto the Apple Store, allowing players to download the game development simulator onto their iPhones and tablets to play it on the go. The game puts players in control of a game development company, moving to bigger offices as they make games.

The game got positive reviews when it first released on the PC, though it was also the victim of a good deal of piracy, which caused its developers to do a little experiment. Offering up one version for free download, and another version being the legitimate copy, players who picked up the free download would end up having to shut down their in-game studio due to rampant piracy.

Thankfully that hasn’t happened with the Game Dev Tycoon iOS port, as its registered users are lower than its registered buyers, which means that no one’s obtained the game illegally. The game, despite its low sales to begin with, has still gotten a lot of good reviews on the iOS store, all adding up to a 4.8 star aggregate.

Considering how the game focuses on sliders and small clickables, one might say that it’s the perfect sort of title to be made into a mobile game. With all of the different types of games that you can make, ranging from shooters to RPGs to simulator games and even an MMO, there’s bound to be a ton of stuff that will keep players interested for as long as they can keep their studio open.

If you have an iOS device and have been looking for a small and simple game that you can play in your off hours, then you can pick up the Game Dev Tycoon iOS port right now. It’s only five bucks as well, and if you want to be like one of the fans in the actual game you can support a small indie studio and go buy the game now!