Call of Duty WWII Flinching Values Adjusted Again After Community Outrage

The most recent update to arrive for Call of Duty WWII ended up severely upsetting the community because of one particular batch of changes.

Primed, a basic training feature, opens up a third attachment for primary weapons and also reduces the amount of flinching from enemy fire. It is an essential ability to have in the game, especially when it comes to competitive matches because less flinching gives way to more accurate aims during combat.

What Sledgehammer Games did this week was heavily nerf the ability, rendering the perk pretty much useless. The intention was to force players to rely on other basic training features as well but it ended up causing discord among majority of them, professionals included.

In the wake of heavy criticism, chief operating officer Michael Condrey responded earlier today to assure the community that balance will be restored.

“Based on player feedback and validated through internal playtests, today we released new tuning adjustments to global flinch on all weapon classes,” Condrey said on Reddit. “These reduced flinch values provide better consistency while engaged in head-to-head combat.”

Call of Duty WWII has not received another update since then but the developer has stated that the problem has been addressed. Whatever changes were needed have been pushed out for the game. That is quite quick of the developer to take action on feedback, something that the community can appreciate.

Call of Duty WWII is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It earned an astonishing $500 million on its opening weekend.