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Battlerite Ruh Kaan Guide – How to Play Ruh Kaan, Abilities, Battlerites, EX Abilities, Loadout, Tips and Strategies

Ruh Kaan is another character in Battlerite who is extremely difficult to learn and even harder to master. However, this Battlerite Ruh Kaan Guide will help you get started on the right path by mentioning all of the important stuff such as the Abilities, Battlerites, and the strats that you need as well as giving you important tips for your games as Ruh Kaan.

Battlerite Ruh Kaan Guide

Ruh Kaan is a melee character and is used to CC enemies to help the team. He has some good mobility along with decent poke and sustain to help protect and peel for his team. Let’s take a look at his build and how to effectively utilize him inside of the game.

Battlerite Ruh Kaan Champion Guide – How to Play Ruh Kaan

Battlerite Ruh Kaan Abilities and Battlerites

To enhance your E, take Death’s Grip and Death’s Embrace. This will allow your E to be on a cooldown of only 5 seconds if you manage to land it on an enemy and it will also root that enemy for 1.2 seconds, to further allow you to control the enemy and give you extra CC to help your character. Hunger Is also very good as it enhances your ultimate and pulls in enemies towards you whenever you use your ultimate.

As you will have seen so far, control is the main job of Ruh Kaan and that is further exemplified by his remaining two Battlerites, which are Reaper and Wicked Strike. These two will allow you to recharge your weapons faster and ensure that your silence lasts longer so that you can continue to pile on the damage on your enemy and they cannot retaliate it an effective way.

Your EX Space will make you spin which will give you mobility and deal damage in a circle, like Garen from League of Legends. You can use it to deal damage when you see multiple enemies bunched up together. It will also heal you a little. Your EX E pulls allies towards you and heals them. This is good only if your allies are in a tight spot and need help or if they are extremely low on HP.

Your R, you will deal AoE damage and it is very useful as it can deal a lot of damage after a 0.8-second delay. Your Ultimate makes you go Beast Mode for 5 seconds which will allow you to slash enemies for 20 damage, heal you for 20 damage or grab enemies towards you with the right click and deal 20 damage to them at the same time.

Battlerite Ruh Kaan Strats

Ruh Kaan is perhaps the most difficult character in the game. It is hardtop initiate with him so wait for the enemy to initiate on you and then use your stickiness to keep them with you as you and your team deal damage.

Feel free to jump onto a ranged character as you can silence them and deal damage. However, watch out for the counter as it can absolutely fail all of your attacks. You should only try to poke until your Abilities are back up as your default attacks are not that strong. If you pull in an enemy, deal damage and absorb some to recharge your weapons so that you can continue to deal damage to them.

You do not have a lot of sustain and are quite weak against champions with high mobility. So watch out for this as you play, wait for mobile champions to blow their Abilities and then pounce on them to slay them once and for all.

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That is all we have for our Battlerite Ruh Kaan Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!