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Ashley Burch Returns To Voice Chloe For Life Is Strange Before The Storm Bonus Episode

Life is Strange Before The Storm saw a different voice actor for Chloe, however, original Chloe voice actress, Ashley Burch, has confirmed that she is returning to voice Chloe in Life Is Strange Before The Storm bonus episode.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm bonus episode is scheduled to roll out in 2018 but before that, we are to see the launch of the game’s third episode. The bonus episode will feature both Max and Chloe and Max’s voice actress is also returning to voice the character.

Life is Strange Before the Storm has starred Rhianna DeVrie as Chloe, who also gave an incredible vocal performance for Chloe and Burch herself remained attached to the project as the writer. According to the devs:

The team here were thrilled to hear the news that both Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch were able to come back together again to voice Max and Chloe. We were really happy with Rhianna DeVrie’s performance as Chloe in Before the Storm and the fan reaction to her has been great, she’ll continue to work closely with us as part of a really close team we have created.

In related news, developer Dotnod is working on Life Is Stange 2. The studio announced it through a recent Steam Community blog post, confirming that there are two Life is Strange games in development and one of them is Life Is Strange 2.

Also, co-director Chris Floyd has explained what makes Chloe different from Max Caulfield.

According to Floyd, what makes Chloe different from Max is her destructive capabilities and said that Chloe is a “wrecking ball” that just bashes through the things that are in front of her.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is an episodic adventure developed by Deck Nine Games for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.