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New Spell-Slinging Dungeon Crawler Wizard Of Legend Revealed On Steam

New indie studio Contingent99 has unveiled their first game, a spell-slinging dungeon crawler called Wizard of Legend, exclusively for the PC. The game focuses on a wizard undertaking the deadly Chaos Trials in order to earn the right to call themselves a wizard, and you’ve got plenty of spells to use.

The trailer that we’re shown mainly shows off a lot of gameplay, which only makes it seem more appealing. Players can buy new spells as they progress through the game, whether those are arrows made out of ice, huge streams or fire, or mighty gusts of wind, as they travel through the dungeons of the Chaos Trials and fight the various enemies inside it.

The game also has a few roguelike elements inside it, meaning that you’ll likely be running through the Chaos Trials as either a “new” wizard, or will be losing all of your accumulated spells throughout a run as you have to start from the beginning.

Players can also chain their spells together to create new effects, and augment their spells by gaining new ones and collecting powerful artifacts. Local multiplayer is also a possibility in the game, meaning that you can play with a friend and undertake the Chaos Trials together.

We don’t really know any sort of release date for Wizard of Legend, though according to its Steam page it’s going to be coming out early in 2018. Exactly when that means remains to be seen, but hopefully it means the first quarter of the year, or at least sometime before the halfway point.

Either way, if you want to look at the Wizard of Legend trailer for yourself, you can find it further up the article. With a lot of different indie games being kickstarted these days, hopefully it can live up to the potential of other games like it in the future.