New Biomutant Screenshots Show Off The Game World’s Vibrant Colors

A series of new Biomutant screenshots have been released, showing off some of the game world’s vibrant colors. The game will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC sometime next year, and from what we see in the screenshots it’s a game that’s going to look absolutely amazing.

We’ve already gotten a bit of gameplay from when Biomutant was first unveiled at Gamescom, showing off all of the different ways we can customize our titular Biomutant, who basically looks like a combination of Rocket Raccoon and Guts from the Berserk manga due to his proclivity for big guns and bigger swords.

The new Biomutant screenshots show off the good bit of customization we’ll be going through as we play the game as well, ranging from a variety of different fur colors for the main character, to a number of different weapons and outfits. We also get to see a number of monsters, as well as what appears to be some sort of drivable mech.

Considering that Biomutant is apparently being made by ex-Just Cause developers, the large amounts of weapons and the bright and colorful landscape can be seen as being par for the course. But then again, when we’ve only gotten the gameplay from Gamescom to really serve as an example to the game, hopefully at the Playstation Experience or other events like it we’ll get more information.

In addition to the character’s looks, along with weapons and possible outfits, we’ve also gotten to see a lot of environments in the screenshots, ranging from devastated and overgrown cities, to rocky coastline, to sheer cliffs that the protagonist is climbing.

If you want to look at the new Biomutant screenshots for yourself, you can find them further up the article. There’s no real release date for the game, but a window says that it will be releasing in early 2018.