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Hardcore Destiny 2 Players Have Little Reason to Play, Bungie Vows to Do Better

Having provided much-needed details for upcoming changes to Destiny 2 earlier today, Bungie has provided further comments on the current status of the game.

In a new podcast, project lead Mark Noseworthy admitted that the development team strayed a bit far from what the sequel should have been. Destiny 2 was supposed to address criticisms that the original installment received, but ended up disappointing the more committed players from the community.

He further stated that in its current form, Destiny 2 provides little reasons for hardcore players to continue investing time in gameplay. The casual experience has been too daunting and it is fact that the once engaged players have lost the motivation to log back into the game.

“If you have a game that you love, you really want reasons to log in,” game director Luke Smith added. “And I think where we’re at today is that Destiny 2 is a game that doesn’t have enough excuses, or reasons, to play for those [hardcore] hobbyist players… We have to be looking at systems that lead to hobbyist play for all players.”

The conversation also stretched to Bungie being blamed by the community for its long periods of silence on criticisms. The developers acknowledged that the communication stream could be better but part of that silence is because most changes are not finalized.

“In the absence of information, people will—rightly so—move themselves to believe that we created this system to fuck them—to be shitty, greedy jerks,” marketing director Eric Osborne said. “We need to do better.”

Destiny 2 is scheduled to receive Curse of Osiris, the first expansion pack, on December 5. It will accompany a massive update, followed by another a week later and more to come in January.