Quantic Dream Explains Why Detroit: Become Human Is Their Most Advanced Title Ever

Quantic Dream sure knows how to create a story-driven game and introduce unique and memorable characters like Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain and Jodie Holmes from Beyond Two Souls. With Detroit: Become Human being their latest project, the company implements new characters, one of which – Kara – is a loved project of the game’s director David Cage as she was created for a short film in 2012. When “revisiting” Kara, Cage has some time to talk about Detroit: Become Human and he admitted that “it’s  the most advanced title ever produced by his studio”.

According to Cage on PlayStation Blog, face capture and realistic body movement are really important for Quantic Dream. He stated that when making Heavy Rain, character shots were done twice, one to capture body movements and one for the facial expressions and voices. This could never be perfectly synchronized though, which led to a whole new upgrade of this feature, named Performance Capture, which is also used in Detroit: Become Human.

This new featured involved no helmet, no face camera, no backpack and no wires but managed to create a more realistic capture of each actor with the use of less equipment but more advanced ones.

Cage revealed that the company is using a new engine for each game they create, which was mainly the reason that Beyond Two Souls was improved in any aspect of tech compared to Heavy Rain. In Detroit: Become Human’s situation, a whole new engine was created as well so that it will fit perfectly to its needs.

This new engine combined with our progress in performance capture makes Detroit the most advanced title ever produced by my studio. From Heavy Rain to Detroit, Quantic continues to seek new ways and create new technologies to better capture and inspire emotion.

Detroit: Become Human will be released sometime next year, however a specific release date is still not stated. We’re expecting to hear more about it on December 9-10 during Playstation Experience.