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New Civilization 6: Rise And Fall Expansion Gets New Trailer Before Release

A new expansion to Civilization 6, called Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, will be releasing on February 8. It will be the first major expansion to the game, after it’s had multiple smaller DLC packs that mainly introduced a variety of new civilizations into the mix. Rise and Fall will be adding more.

Alongside a variety of content, including eight new civilizations, nine new leaders to choose from, and a number of new units, districts, wonders, buildings, and more. The expansion will also include new gameplay mechanics to simulate the rise and fall of history’s great civilizations, such as the ability to either lead them into a Golden Age of prosperity, or a Dark Age of struggle.

Other new mechanics that are coming with the Civilization 6: Rise and Fall expansion include new Great Ages (of which Dark Age is likely one), a Loyalty system, a system to appoint Governors in your civilization, and the expansion of the game’s Diplomacy and Government systems. All of this will be expanding the game even more, allowing you a lot of different ways to play.

All of this information comes along with yet another beautiful trailer, showing the same father-daughter pair from the game’s original opening cinematic as they travel through history, going through Medieval Europe to the steppes of Asia to the great cities of China and all the way through to World War 2-era Europe and the modern age, while yet another stirring monologue by Sean Bean talks about the struggles of humanity through the millennia.

The Civilization 6: Rise and Fall expansion will be available exclusively on the PC on February 8, so if you’ve already run through games with all of the other civilizations, then you’ll have a good few more to play around with as you conquer the world with the new expansion and its civilizations.