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Gang Beasts Release Date For PlayStation 4 Announced, New Features Added

Gang Beasts is probably one of the funniest multiplayer games we’ve seen on PC the past years, with it being showcased at some of the funniest Twitch streams and Youtube videos due to its hilarious gameplay. The “try to environmentally kill your friends before they do” game we loved is now coming to PlayStation 4 as it was reported on PlayStation Blog. Its release date is set for December 12th and it will feature new content and a bunch of new modes.

At the start, Gang Beasts was a game only played through local co-op which seemed like a bummer cause it looked like a waste to put such an awesome and funny title to such limitations. Now, as we see it on its PlayStation 4 launch trailer, it is clearly optimised, features new maps (meaning new ways to kill your friends), new customization options and 2 new modes: 2 vs. 2 soccer matches, and a cooperative mode where up to 4 players battle against waves of thugs.

 Community Manager, Double Fine Productions says:

Prepare to scream with horror and delight as gangs of saggy, pugnacious thugs from Beef City punch, kick and slapstick their way across your screen, hurling their foes into hazardous machinery or mercilessly head-butting them into flaming incinerator pits! That’s right folks, the long awaited Beef-em-up Gang Beasts is coming to PlayStation 4 on Dec 12th!

For those not familiar with Gang Beasts, all you need to know is that it puts you and your friends in a pit/map where your ragdoll-physics character has to lure and grab other players and carry them to their death. That could be a meat grinder, a road with cars passing, 100 floor high buildings and so on.

Gang Beasts will be available on PlayStation 4 on December 12th, however, it’s still not available in the store so that we know its final price. We expect it to be around $20 though just like on Steam.