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Detroit Become Human Offers A “Certain Freedom” That Sets It Apart

Detroit Become Human still has no release date and developer Quantic Dream has been revealing details about the game, and now the studio has revealed that Detroit Become Human is a giant leap from the studio’s previous game, Beyond Two Souls in terms of storytelling and gameplay.

Speaking with GameReactor, lead writer Adam Williams talked about Detroit Become Human and how the game is superior to Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. “If you think about the principles of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain in terms of intuitive gameplay and engaging storytelling, and compare them to Detroit, you will realize that this is a giant leap in both areas”.

He added that the game offers a “certain freedom” which sets it apart from Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. Furthermore, player’s actions will not only have personal consequences but these consequences could also be seen citywide.

In related news, Furthermore, David Cage has revealed that Detroit: Become Human will feature three times more choices compared to Heavy Rain.

He added that there are so many alternate paths that two people might face a scenario where one is talking about its experience and the other doesn’t have a clue about what he/she is saying.

Also, studio founder David Cage revealed that the team removed some scenes from Detroit: Become Human because of their extremely controversial nature.

Honestly, I canceled a couple of scenes where I felt the meaning could be interpreted wrongly. It was a very interesting thing for me because it made me realize that with Detroit: Become Human, that we are dealing with very meaningful things and that you need to be careful and be respectful and pay attention to what you have to say.

Currently, no release date has been announced for Detroit: Become Human but the game is expected to launch in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.