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Bungie Cancels Upcoming Destiny 2 Livestream to Address Complaints

Bungie is in damage control mode this week, cancelling a Destiny 2 livestream that was going to be talking about the upcoming Curse of Osiris expansion. Instead, the studio will be discussing various criticized parts of Destiny 2 and telling what they’ll do to fix them before the expansion releases.

Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion is supposed to be releasing on December 5, but after the discovery that a previously unknown experience scaling mechanic was present in the game, not to mention all of the other difficulties that Bungie has had with Destiny 2 and some of their questionable design choices, the studio will apparently be discussing what they plan on doing with those instead.

While Destiny 2 was a long-awaited sequel to the original Destiny, when the game launched it got a good bit of criticism from many Destiny veterans over various changes and problems. These included a dissatisfaction with the new Token system (which you turn in to get a Legendary Engram that includes a piece of gear and other things), a perceived lack of real progression, and more.

While Bungie has promised a number of fixes to some of these problems, the communication between the studio and its fans has become rather spotty, something that a lot of fans aren’t very happy with. Most of the previous Destiny 2 streaming events have mainly been about Curse of Osiris with no indication that Bungie was trying to fix other pre-existing problems.

While some gamers are aware that Destiny doesn’t really lend itself very well to grinding non-stop for hours like other online multiplayer games, there’s still a great deal of complaining from many other gamers who make this their gaming bread and butter to get everything possible.

Either way, with the cancelled Destiny 2 livestream now announced, hopefully Bungie can get on the road to making Destiny 2 fulfill the sequel’s normal role of being better than the first game.