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Battlerite Pearl Guide – How to Play Pearl , Abilities, Battlerites, EX Abilities, Loadout, Tips and Strategies

In this Battlerite Pearl Guide, we will guide you on how to play with Pearl in Battlerite. Battlerite is a team arena brawler in which you choose a hero and use its unique abilities to defeat your enemies along with your team.

There are different heroes in the game each featuring a unique fighting style and abilities. In this Battlerite Pearl Guide, we will share some tips and guide you how you can create the perfect build using Pearl in Battlerite.

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Battlerite Pearl Guide

Battlerite Pearl Guide details everything that you need to know about playing with Pearl in Battlerite.

Battlrite Pearl Guide – How to Play!

Pearl is a relatively strong hero coupled with silence, counter, decent mobility a shield and a bubble that slows projectiles. With Pearly, your counter is Gush used with Q. Left mouse button is Splash damage, Ocean Tide with Riptide for space and Tasty Fish for E.

Gush allows you to get a charged staff when you counter. This is useful against ranged characters and melee attacks, which feature some sort of poke or charge. It also silences your enemies so it is good when you need little extra CC along with damage.

Equipping Splash Damage adds the splash to your left mouse attack. It enhances damage and silences them. This is useful when you want to collect orbs and if the enemies are grouped up as you can damage and silence them both at the same time.

Ocean Tide is good for space as it gives extra damage and gives advanced mobility. Riptide also provides protection against melee fighters. With Ocean Tide, when you dive into your bubble, your dive will be recharged. It also charges your staff allowing you to use more charges.

It is also useful for getting away from your enemies. Place a bubble on a faraway place and jump in it to evade the enemies and get out of a sticky situation. With Tasty Fish equipped, when you place your bubble barrier down, it spawns a fish inside it which when picked up will heal 8 health and also increased your damage by 20% while also gives you extra healing. With this equipped, using your counter also spawns a bubble, which slows down projectiles, fired at you.

Pearl is a damage control character with healing capabilities. Healing takes a lot of recharging time so you cannot really use it repeatedly. Better to save it for extreme situations. You can use your silence to interrupt damage before it has been dealt.

When playing with Pearl, you need to make sure that you are good with silences and are also able to chain them together. You should also use your bubble barrier and silence in conjunction with each other because it allows absorbing enemy projectiles and moving enemies around.

It also helps in spacing as you can move around sticky melee characters and make ranged characters miss their targets. You can use your bubble to move enemies inside your ultimate. Dive can be used to move Pearl instantly to an area, which currently is marked by your mouse.

It has a one second cast time, which allows you to easily move around the area as you wish. Pearl is invulnerable during this time and it also allows you to dodge attacks which otherwise are not possible to dodge. More aggressive tactics can be used by placing the bubble near your enemies and then jumping in then, consuming the tasty fish and dealing more damage to your enemies.

Your counter deals 15 damage and heals 12 health back while giving you a charged staff while knocking enemies back. Healing wave heals 21 HP over four seconds using three projectiles and it also recharges faster if you are near an ally. This is a strong healing ability and can be used many times.

Left mouse EX-charges your staff so it is helpful when you have no other means to charge your staff. It also increases your damage. Bubble barrier shields you for 2.5 seconds with 426 damage. It works just like a normal shield. Your ultimate is hard to hit so make sure that you time it right and practice a bit with it.

This concludes our Battlerite Pearl Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!