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Battlerite Lucie Guide – How to Play Lucie, Abilities, Battlerites, EX Abilities, Loadout, Tips and Strategies

In this Battlerite Lucie Guide, we will guide you on how to play with Lucie in Battlerite. Battlerite is a team arena brawler in which you choose a hero and use its unique abilities to defeat your enemies along with your team.

There are different heroes in the game each featuring a unique fighting style and abilities. In this Battlerite Lucie Guide, we will share some tips and guide you how you can create the perfect build using Lucie in Battlerite and use his different abilities to your advantage.

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Battlerite Lucie Guide

Battlerite Lucie Guide details everything that you need to know about playing with Lucie in Battlerite.

Battlerite Lucie – How to Play!

Lucie is a ranged support with a decent amount of damage, ability to shield herself along with allies and annexing people away. She can also control space to win the game. For our build, you need to use Stimulant and Companion Potion for right mouse button. For space, your choice is Blast Shield.

For E, use Hysteria and Deadly Brew. Combining Stimulant and Companion Potion increases the damage of your allies when healed and it also increases your own damage. In addition, the duration of healing is increased from 12 seconds to 16 seconds.

This increases your right click attack a lot, then the normal right-click attack. Blast shield protects against the attacks of melee characters. You must only choose it when your enemy team has melee heroes, as it does not work against ranged characters.

For the ranged character, you can use the adhesive component as it will slow them down if you queue them. This causes them to be easier to hit and catch as well.

Hysteria and Deadly Brew come into effect while dealing damage. They increase your damage to 22 from 12 and the buff damage to 25 from 22. This is a major increase in damage and it also increases control. The main strength of Lucie is her shield. She can heal herself and allies but the healing power is not that much.

Most of the defense is based on the effective use of the shield. This not only benefits her but it is also helpful for the allies.

Although the shield can take a lot of damage and it can absorb almost all attacks for you and your allies, you also need to make sure that you keep it safe for the extreme situation.

Use it when you are certain that you or your allies are going to take a huge amount of damage and you are unable to dodge it. Her left attack is a strong poke dealing 12 damage and applying a dot that deals 9 damage over six seconds.

This comes handy in battles later in the game as it increases as you level up in the game. The EX of this ability deals great damage but you need to make sure that you are using it when you are sure that it will hit the enemy. The slow casting of the ability makes it a little hard to land on the enemies.

Missing it will waste one of the bars. If you manage to hit it, it causes 24 damage to the enemies and will cause them to slow down.

The E ability is quickly cast in 0.7 seconds and it also panics the enemy while dealing 22 damage. During a damage boost, this will be increased to 25. It also features a very low cooldown of only 7 seconds. Panic will last for 2 seconds and damage is limited to 20.

This is enough time for to land two left button hits or one EX attack. Petrify is good for taking on single enemies as they are further trapped using this ability. It works effectively when the enemies are separated but make sure you are aiming in the right direction.

Q is the clarity potion. Use it and Lucie will throw a clarity potion at the enemies. This will cause them to be knocked back and will also remove any buffs on them. It is also used to clear any CC from you or your allies. Use R to roll away from danger or getting out of difficult situations.

It has a 15-second cooldown ability so make sure that you use it wisely. Her ultimate is a vial of goop. It explodes when thrown on the field and it covers a large radius. It also causes 80 damage if someone steps into it and it lasts for around 8 seconds.

Lucie requires careful planning as most of her abilities cost a lot so if you want to use the ultimate, you need to be careful with using your abilities. She can deal damage, remove buffs and CC and also heal allies and herself. Along with that, she can also shield herself and allies from different attacks. So you need to practice a bit with her and learn to use all her abilities effectively.

This concludes our Battlerite Lucie Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comment section below!