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Samsung Galaxy S9 Drawing Reveal The Phone Will Have Little To No Chin

The Samsung Galaxy flagship is one of the most anticipated products every year and keeping in mind how successful the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been there is no surprise that we are already getting rumors regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. Having that said it seems that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will have almost no chin at all.

By chin I mean the bottle part of the device, and while the bottom bezel of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is small, drawings show that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature even smaller bezels as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8. The bezel on the top is a little bigger but that is surely because of the sensors and the front-facing camera.

While there is little that we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 at this point it is interesting to see these leaks and drawings in order to see who gets it right in the end. We know Samsung is a very innovative company and it would seem that the Samsung Galaxy S8 was the best of the best but we could be wrong. Let’s not jump to conclusions so quick. You can check out Samsung Galaxy S9 drawing below:

Samsung Galaxy S9

No smartphone is perfect and the same is the case with the S8. While it was great on many fronts people did not like the fact that the fingerprint scanner was on the back. That is not where users are used to having the fingerprint scanner and some even went to say that they would smudge the camera by accident.

There is a lot of hype that the upcoming S9 will have the fingerprint scanner on the glass and that would be a great feature to have in the upcoming smartphone. I for one would be impressed if the company can pull that off. We also talked about Samsung GDDR6 memory that could power the next generation of graphics cards. Also, check out Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headsets and Samsung QLED 4K TVs.

Let us know what you think about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and what you want the phone to be like.