Pokemon Go Trainers Reach Goal Of 3 Billion Pokemon Catched To Unlock Farfetch’d Worldwide

Did you think Pokemon Go was a lost cause? Latest statistics show the contrary. Over the past seven days, there was an event going on in Pokemon Go where players had to catch 3 billion Pokemon in the first 6 days to unlock Japan’s region-locked Farfetch’d for all players worldwide. Thankfully, the goal was reached and now Japan’s Pokemon is obtainable throughout the world.

The Global Catch Challenge that was live for 7 days now and contained three big milestones. The first milestone, set on 500 million Pokemon catches, got players a 2x XP boost as well as a 6-hour lure for all players. The second one was unlocked when 1 billion catches were reached and contained the aforementioned rewards plus a 2x Stardust boost.

Yesterday the third milestone was reached for 3 billion catches and the reward was even better. Farfetch’d was unlocked worldwide for everyone to catch for the next 48 hours and, for Japan, Australia’s region-locked Pokemon Kangaskhan is unlocked for the same amount of time. Seeing Pokemon Go reach such high goals, show that the game is not “dead” as many claimed.

Don’t forget that the patch notes for the latest update are now available. The game will see a handful of improvements and changes on Android as well as iOS.

On a related subject, a recent iOS update disabled Pokemon Go’s anti-cheat system. It has come to light now that the latest iOS 11.1.1 update has apparently disabled the anti-cheat feature. Niantic was previously using a vulnerability (CVE-2017-13852) in the system to scan all installed applications on a device for suspicious activity. Since it has been plugged by Apple, Pokémon Go can no longer detect cheating players on iOS devices.

Pokemon Go’s developer team, Niantic is currently working on creating an augmented reality game for mobile devices based on Harry Poter. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, puts you in the role of a wizard in the world of Harry Potter, letting you wander around and learn magic in the process. We’ll be getting more information about this project as the development continues.