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How Net Neutrality Could Impact Gamers Come December 14th

Net neutrality is a huge concern now and you might have heard about this on the news or social media. But how does this affect the gaming community? The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and you can imagine why internet service providers would want to help themselves to a piece of this market.

Gamers use a lot of bandwidth and you can see that by the sizes that games are now. Games like Shadow of War range to about 90 GB and other games that are online like Elder Scrolls Online is about 100 GB as well. You also know that when you play online games then there are frequent updates and gamers often what their favorite players play games on YouTube and Twitch.

Net neutrality allows you to do all this without any additional cost right now but if the law against FCC goes through then ISPs could throttle your download speed, making it difficult to download new games and update older ones. Other than that you might be asked to pay extra for free features that you have on PC like playing multiplayer games.

If you are playing games on console then you are already paying for the multiplayer experience but this could mean that you will be paying more just in order to play with friends. You could also be asked to pay more for features like voice chat and text chat. As of right now, all this is free but that might not be the case in the future.

Gamers use a lot of bandwidth and it would be foolish for ISPs not to make a package aimed at gamers. You might think that this will not affect you too much but you can check out the packages in Portugal and the prices that ISPs are charging for features that are free to use right now.

Net Neutrality

Although this image does not contain gaming-related applications, it will give you an idea of how your gaming experience will be affected if there was no net neutrality. Thank god the laws have not been passed yet and there are still things that you can do in order to make a difference.

Let us know what you think about net neutrality and whether or not you support what the FCC is doing.