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Justice League Director’s Cut Fan Petition Supported By Zack Snyder, WB Taking A Lot Of Heat

Justice League was one of the most anticipated movies of the year but there are those that think that the movie was not as expected. Multiple critics have said that the movie had pacing issues and that the characters never seemed to be in actual danger. Fans also suggested that the villain was not to be taken too seriously either. Justice League was far from perfect and average at most.

Zack Snyder the original director of the game had to leave and now there is a petition that the Justice League Director’s Cut be released so that people can see that. Although many people have signed this petition it is unlikely that such a Justice League Director’s Cut will be released. It is assumed that Snyder had a finished cut of the movie, word has it that it was not a finished cut and Warner Brothers said that it was unwatchable.

Zack Snyder’s son also talked about the movie and said that he liked it and would also recommend it but it was far from what Zack Snyder wanted it to be and that can be seen in the final cut of the movie. You can check out the comment from Zack Snyder’s son below:

Justice League Director's cut

While we would like the Justice League Director’s cut to come out it has to be kept in mind that Warner Brothers will have to spend more money into the project in order to make that happen and that is unlikely to be the case. It is also possible that we could get an extended version of the movie that will include deleted scenes that we did not get in the final cut.

There are people that say that Zack Snyder’s Justice League would have been better and would have gotten better reviews, at this point in time we cannot confirm that would have been the case. You can also check out Justice League gear in Injustice 2.

Let us know what you think about all this and whether or not you would like Justice League Director’s cut to come out.