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How Much Do Call of Duty WWII Microtransactions Cost?

It was last week when Sledgehammer Games finally introduced Call of Duty Points (CP) to Call of Duty WWII. Those who find the need may now choose to pay in microtransactions for various digital goodness in the new installment.

The payment model is divided between six different tiers. With the friendly warning of keeping your credit cards safe from children, here is what players have access to in the game.

  • 200 CP: $2 / £2
  • 1,100 CP: $10 / £8.39
  • 2,400 CP: $20 / £16.79
  • 5,000 CP: $30 / £35
  • 9,500 CP: $75 / £53
  • 13,000 CP: $100 / £85

CP can be used to get rare-level Supply Drops (loot boxes) in the multiplayer mode and Zombies Crates (more loot boxes) in the Zombies mode. There are also other items that can be obtained.

Take note that Sledgehammer Games has sent out 200 CP to all players in the game. Simply log in to confirm. In addition, owners of the digital edition should have already received an allotment of 1,100 CP.

The in-game premium currency was supposed to arrive earlier but had to be delayed until a few launch issues were fixed. Though, many believed that the short hiatus was a subtle response to the controversy-riddled Star Wars Battlefront II.

Call of Duty WWII is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It earned an astonishing $500 million on its opening weekend.