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Demon’s Souls Online Servers Will Be Shutting Down Permanently in February

The Demon’s Souls online servers will be shutting down forever on February 28, meaning that players won’t be able to play with their friends, see phantoms, or read messages on the ground after that date. Demon’s Souls was the first game that really brought From Software into the public eye.

Demon’s Souls was the first game in the Souls series, introducing the concept of Soul Arts and kingdoms driven mad by them. While it was quickly surpassed in both popularity and polish by the Dark Souls series, Demon’s Souls still holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers.

Demon’s Souls, rather than Dark Souls’s endless cycle of Light and Dark, focuses on an adventurer (you), who travels to the kingdom of Boletaria, which has been shrouded in a sinister fog that has disgorged demons that prey on anyone in the mist. The player must find a way to put the Old One, the ancient creature that created the mist, back to sleep, or the mist will spread from Boletaria and enshroud the world.

While the Demon’s Souls online servers are likely very sparsely populated nowadays unless played by a popular streamer, and it’s not that big of a loss (as we said earlier in this article, you’ll still be able to play the game, just without a lot of its online capabilities), being invaded and finding helpful (or misleading) messages from other players was one of the things that Demon’s Souls pioneered.

Either way, the Demon’s Souls online servers will be shutting down on February 28, so if you want to play through the game one last time, either on New Game Plus or as a new character, and be able to get the whole experience, you should probably try and be fast.

Demon’s Souls is available exclusively for the Playstation 3.