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Creative Assembly Releases Total War Rome 2: Empire Divided Trailer

Creative Assembly has released a Total War Rome 2: Empire Divided trailer, showing us the three main factions that we’ll be dealing with when the expansion releases on November 30, three days from now. Empire Divided is a new Rome 2 DLC that takes place during the Crisis of the Third Century.

During that period, the Roman Empire teetered on the brink of collapse as a lack of real central authority allowed barbarian invasions and caused two different pretenders to the Empire, Gallic Rome and the Palmyrene Empire, to break away from the legitimate overnment. Now players mcust take control of one of the many nations and tribes, and forge a new path for the world.

In the north you have Gallic Rome, territories led by the rogue general Tetricus, while in the south, in the Middle East, you have the Palmyrene Empire, led by a former vassal of Rome, Queen Zenobia. The legitimate Roman Empire, governed by the Emperor Aurelian, is the third Roman faction, but you’ll also be able to play a variety of other factions like Saxons and Goths, ancient Armenia, the Sassanid Empire, or Celts in the British Isles.

While the Total War Rome 2: Empire Divided trailer doesn’t really go into more detail than the story of the campaign, it’s a lot deeper than other historical Total Wars. There will be five different Heroic figures that you can play as in some of the factions, who will be following their own footsteps in history as they go through the campaign.

The expansion will also include a revamped political system, new structures, and new mechanics like banditry, plague, and various different religious cults that will all have to be dealt with even as you war against other nations in the world.

To see the new Total War Rome 2: Empire Divided trailer, just look further up the article. The expansion will be releasing exclusively on the PC on November 30.