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Sony Had The Biggest Black Friday Sales In Playstation History According To Senior Vice President

These past 4 days have been a sales rollercoaster for everyone, especially companies like Sony or Microsoft. With great deals on consoles, it’s only natural that Sony saw a significant rise in their sales on PlayStation 4. Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President and Head of PlayStation Network Eric Lempel revealed that Black Friday 2017 was the most successful in the history of PlayStation and that’s just only for the sales of the two consoles themselves.

Lempel, during a discussion with CNBC on their sales on Black Friday, admited that this year PlayStation 4 has sold more consoles than any other year in its 22 years of history, which came out of the blue considering the popularity of Sony’s older consoles too. He stated that even if many didn’t believe that new consoles would make such a hit, the console is “thriving” and is the biggest reason the company sees a rise in profits by 346%.

He also stated that PlayStation Plus has seen a significant rise in Black Friday since both new and old owners took advantage of its discount to stack it or renew it.

The second part of this discussion was focused on virtual reality and the impact it had on this year’s sales for Sony. Lempel admitted that they don’t see Playstation VR as an accessory and will continue to invest in this new technology as that more people can try it, since PSVR is a completely different experience than any other VR headset, as he stated.

PlayStation VR has sold more than 1 million units in Q3 2017 making it the biggest selling VR headset in the market with 49% share. Next comes Oculus with 21%, followed by HTC VR Headset with 16% and all other devices with 14%.

Overall, Black Friday 2017 has been more than successful for Sony, which now intends to raise their profits even more with the winter holidays coming up. Will this profit pattern continue to grow for Sony? Will PlayStation VR be as successful in the future as it seems through the company’s earnings reports?