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AM4 Motherboards Receiving AMD Raven Ridge APU Support Via BIOS Update

AM4 motherboards have been out for some time now and you will need one if you want to install an AMD Ryzen series CPU but now AM4 motherboards are getting BIOS updates so that they can support the upcoming AMD Raven Ridge APU. The APUs have already been released for laptops and now they will be coming out for desktops as well.

The AMD Raven Ridge APU is based on the Zen architecture and features up to 4 Zen cores. The AMD Raven Ridge APU also comes with AMD Vega graphics and we have already seen this chip in the HP X360 laptop that AMD CEO Lisa Su picked up earlier. These chips will be coming out for desktop next year and we will see how well they perform.

Intel is also releasing Intel Coffee Lake H series CPUs that will feature AMD Radeon graphics but as of right now we are not sure whether these graphics will be based on AMD Vega or Polaris. You can download the new BIOS as follows:

While we do not have a clear date regarding the release of the chips we are pretty sure that these will come out sometime around CES 2018. We also have word that the upcoming chips will be exclusive to Acer, HP And Lenovo for a time and you can check out the details here. You can also check out the specs of the HP X360 laptop here.

For more news regarding hardware and all things AMD stay tuned to SegmentNext. Let us know what you think about the AMD Raven Ridge APUs coming out for desktops soon.