Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Sales Cross 1 Million, New Trailer Released

Square Enix’s remastered release of Final Fantasy 12 has apparently been doing very well since it released, as Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age sales have crossed over 1 million. Square Enix has even released a new trailer to celebrate, showing off the wide and wonderful world of Ivalice, where the game takes place.

Final Fantasy 12 was originally released back in 2006 to critical acclaim and good sales, reaching 6 million sales worldwide by 2009 after selling 2 million units in Japan and a million in North America. However, despite its critical acclaim, it’s often seen as one of the less impressive Final Fantasy games, as many fans have pointed out that its plot is similar to Star Wars, and that some of its gameplay mechanics are unintuitive.

However, it seems that the Zodiac Age remaster has helped to address at least some of those gameplay concerns, fixing the unintuitive gambit and licensing system and also allowing each party member to hold two jobs, rather than having to give up half of the different builds you could create.

Final Fantasy 12 tells the story of Princess Ashe of the nation of Dalmasca, which at the start of the story is conquered by the Archadian Empire. Now, with the gods of Ivalice meddling in the affairs of humans and setting them against each other, Ashe must fight to save her homeland from the Archadians, and also figure out a way to remove the influence of the gods from Ivalice as a whole.

With all of the improvements it’s not really a surprise that Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age sales have crossed one million despite the game only being out for around four months, and hopefully it will be able to reach the original’s numbers soon. If you want to contribute to the Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age sales, you can buy the game exclusively on the Playstation 4.