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There’s A Satoru Iwata Tribute In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

One of the best-known things about Pokemon is that, as you wander into the various buildings in the region’s cities, eventually you’ll find one that is basically the Game Freak offices. This time, however, a touching Satoru Iwata tribute has been put in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon as a special occasion.

Before he was chosen to become president of Nintendo back in 2002, Satoru Iwata was one of Nintendo’s greats, an executive that unlike many executives for gaming companies today, remained a gamer at heart. Stories abound about him helping developers alongside other well-known Nintendo personalities like Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto.

In the Satoru Iwata tribute in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, if you walk into the Game Freak offices in HeaHea City with a Pokemon that you’ve ported over from a past Pokemon game, one of the staff at the office will talk to you about an old President of their company who came to the studio back when they worked on the Gold and Silver versions.

Those versions came out in 1999, and Iwata helped the development team get through a difficult time by writing a program that allowed the team to fit the previously huge amount of data required for the games into them, and went on to become president of “a big company” a few years after that.

Satoru Iwata died back in 2015 due to complications of a bile duct growth. Before then, his regular appearances on Nintendo Direct shows and at E3 conferences had made him just as much of a public face of Nintendo as Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie.

So, if you’re playing through Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and pop into the Game Freak offices with a Pokemon from another game in your party, you’ll hopefully be able to get the Satoru Iwata tribute told to you.