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Moira Now Available In Overwatch Competitive Play Mode

Blizzard Entertainment has been supporting Overwatch with new characters, maps and events and now the studio has rolled out their latest Support hero “Moira” for the game’s Competitive Play mode. This new character launched a week ago but was kept out of the ranked mode for some reason.

Moira was added to the Overwatch Competitive play mode last night and as a support character has some cool abilities at her disposal. Moira can use her Biotic Grasp to heal allies but, this is done at the cost of her own Biotic energy, which can be refilled with alternate Biotic Grasp that deals some serious damage to enemies and drains their health.

As for her ultimate, that would be “Coalescence” which fires a concentrated energy beam which can penetrate barriers. The interesting part is that the beam will damage opponents while healing allies. Moira can also teleport by disappearing and emerging from another place using her Fade ability.

In related news, Overwatch has seen some lag spikes recently and Blizzard Entertainment requires players help you sort it out.

Blizzard is asking for players to run system and connection scans on their ends as the information may prove useful in sorting out this issue.

“We’ve been investigating your reports of lag spikes in the game, but so far haven’t been able to reproduce the issue internally. We are seeing situations where the issue affects one player but not another in the same instance making this difficult to pin down.”

Overwatch is a multiplayer competitive shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.