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New Call of Duty WWII Supply Drops Might Have Been Pulled Because of Battlefront II

It was earlier this week when the community discovered the existence of three new types of supply drops hidden inside Call of Duty WWII. These were expected to become available yesterday when the developer finally introduced Call of Duty Points, giving players the option to upgrade their supply drops for better loot by paying real-world currency.

Since there is no sign of the new variants, and the developer has been maintaining radio silence on the matter as well, the community is left speculating whether Sledgehammer Games and Activision purposely decided to hold back the new microtransactions because of the raging storm hovering over Star Wars Battlefront II.

The current supply drops in the game only offer cosmetics to customize your profile, soldier, and weapons. However, it is believed that the mysterious new supply drops were designed to push this model further. This is based on one of the three variants, which allowed players to unlock multiple weapons by simply paying. Had this feature gone live, anyone could have just shoved real-world currency through Call of Duty Points to grab on to the best weapons without having to invest time earning in-game experience points.

It would have essentially dropped Call of Duty WWII into the pay-to-win category, something that Electronic Arts went along with for Star Wars Battlefront II and got seriously burned for. Provided that the leaked data on the new supply drops was accurate, Activision could have just learned a valuable lesson from its competition.

Call of Duty WWII is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It earned an astonishing $500 million on its opening weekend.