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Star Wars Battlefront II Retail Sales Prove Disastrous in Japan, 70 Percent Less Than Battlefront 1

The highly anticipated debut of Star Wars Battlefront II in Japan has been terrible in terms of sales. Whether this is due to the controversial–bungled–launch of the game or not, it is unfortunate to see such a major project going down in flames.

According to Media Create, which monitors physical retail sales, Star Wars Battlefront II sold just 38,769 copies between November 13 and 19 on PlayStation 4. This includes the more expensive Deluxe Digital Edition, and is far less than expected.

In comparison, the first Battlefront installment sold 123,467 copies during its opening week in the country. Even Call of Duty WWII managed 168,234 in sales for the same period when it released earlier this month.

The damaging sales for Star Wars Battlefront II were also reported earlier this week from the United Kingdom, where about 130,000 copies were sold at retail. That might look better in comparison to Japan, except that the first Battlefront installment managed to achieve 60 percent better sales in the United Kingdom.

Several governments and regulation bodies from around the world have banded together to talk about loot boxes as a potential gambling aspect in video games. Belgium was followed by Hawaii, with more to likely come forward in the coming weeks.

Despite the low number of retail sales, publisher Electronic Arts has assured its investors that Star Wars Battlefront II will still achieve its earnings goal for the financial year.