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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Area Names Datamined, Place Holders Changed!

PUBGs PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map leaked a while back and showed some all of the locations. The names were odd and it was clear that they were placeholders. Now, someone has dug up the actual names of the map locations.

The desert map is expected to ship alongside the game’s version 1.0. Battlegrounds 1.0 is expected in December for Xbox One and PC. However, the map’s release date is not confirmed so far. A Reddit user dug the game’s PTR files and located the following image that shows all the location names.

Murderland and Kill Box are no longer locations on the map. Instead, we have these poorly translated Spanish words but hey, such elements are what make Battlegrounds fun. Apart from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert map location names we have three new weapons as well – a Winchester 1894 (Lever-action rifle), a Rhino (Revolver) and a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun.

In related news, Nvidia also released exclusive images of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds desert map, giving us a look at the new environments.

PUBGs is now available on PC and will soon be available on Xbox One, and Xbox One X. According to a report,  Microsoft is in talks with Bluehole Studio to extend PUBGs Xbox exclusivity. The news comes shortly after the studio announced that it is in talks with Sony to bring the game to PlayStation 4.

On PC, Battlegrounds has sold over 20 million copies and crossed 2 million concurrent users. According to a recent revelation, Tencent is publishing PUBGs in China.

Do you think the desert map will be ready anytime soon? Will it be a part of version 1.0? Let us know in the comments below.