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Overwatch Suffering From Lag Spikes After New Patch, Blizzard Needs Your Help

The latest patch for Overwatch, released earlier this week, has unexpectedly resulted in severe connection problems for numerous players. It began with a few reports but has now exploded into a significant hindrance for majority of the community.

A thread posted on the official forums has expanded into multiple pages over the course of days, filled to the brim with the mention of lag spikes being experienced by several players.

The latency is jumping to the hundreds “for apparently no reason” every few seconds, which unfortunately freezes the screen for about a couple of seconds. Following that, the game resumes normally until the latency spikes again.

Blizzard responded earlier today by sharing that it had been investigating the vast number of connection problems but has so far failed to pinpoint the cause.

“We’ve been investigating your reports of lag spikes in the game, but so far haven’t been able to reproduce the issue internally,” Blizzard stated in reply. “We are seeing situations where the issue affects one player but not another in the same instance making this difficult to pin down.”

The developer is now calling upon everyone to help it find the root cause by running system and connection scans on their ends. The information collected may prove useful. You can read more details here on what needs to be done in order to provide the necessary feedback.

The latest patch introduced Moira as a new hero for Overwatch. She is a geneticist who uses biotic orbs to heal and damage her targets. Perhaps the mad scientist is responsible for the connection problems in some manner?