Marvel Heroes Publisher Gazillion Terminated Its Staff, Game Shutting Down This Friday

Gazillion has given some pretty bad news to its employees. According to a new report, publisher of Marvel Heroes is terminating its employees. The heartbreaking news comes alongside word that Marvel Heroes is being shut down really soon.

After years of being online, Marvel Heroes goes down this Friday. The news was shared by an ex-employee who spoke with Massively OP. The employee was terminated yesterday, November 22, via a termination letter by CEO Dave Dohrmann.

Marvel Heroes being shut down was already news for us but it was not expected that Gazillion will shut down completely. According to the termination letter, banking creditors have pulled the plug on the company which led to the termination of almost everyone at the company.

Marvel rep stated earlier that the game is going to remain live until December but if it’s going down on Friday, we should be hearing an announcement soon.  Gazillion is yet to share a comment on the news and we doubt it will right now. Expect a direct announcement regarding the problem in the coming days.

However, Andrew Hair, one of the developers of the game confirmed that the studio is indeed shutting down. Employees are not paid out PTO, severance, and medical insurance in ending in 8 days.

The community is understandably made and wants refunds for the money they spend in the game.

This is a developing story so more updates are expected soon. For more on Marvel Heroes and Marvel games, stay-tuned!