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League of Legends’ Milestone Rewards Become Free, Raw BE From Leveling Capsules Increased

Riot Games has decided to introduce further improvements to the overhauled progression system in League of Legends for more overall rewards.

Posting on the official forums earlier today, Ryan “Cactopus” Rigney announced a few adjustments that are arriving in reaction to feedback from players.

The new system features a number of emotes that can be earned after reaching certain “milestone” levels. These, however, cost Blue Essence (BE) to unlock. In order to make it less cumbersome for players to grind new champions, Riot Games is making all milestone rewards free in League of Legends.

Those who already spent BE on their emotes will be refunded the amount in the coming weeks. In addition to the emotes, every ten levels will also offer a “glorious champion capsule” that is worth around 2120 BE in value.

Furthermore, the leveling capsules are being adjusted to give out more raw BE and less low-level shards. This will not affect the overall amount of BE earned from each drop but should make each capsule feel “a little better” for players.

Finally, the counter of the “First Win of the Day” will be tweaked to reset every 20 hours instead of 23 hours. This should give some players the opportunity to gather quick rewards, depending on their schedules.

All of the aforementioned changes are set to go live later today.

League of Legends received patch 7.23 earlier this week. It brings the new champions Zoe as well as other nifty features to the game. There is also a time-limited event currently going on for PROJECT: Hunters that has some sweet loot for players to earn.