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League of Legends Guide to Missions and Crafting in PROJECT: Hunters Event

League of Legends is hosting yet another time-limited event that celebrates the recent addition of three new skins under the PROJECT: Hunters banner.

The crafting aspect, combined with over a dozen missions, allows the community to earn exclusive goodies from now until early next month. Begin by equipping a PROJECT summoner icon before attempting any mission or else fail to receive tokens afterwards. Those who do not have a PROJECT summoner icon will receive the PROJECT: Hunters summoner icon for free after doing the first mission.

There are twelve missions in total, excluding the starting and final ones, that are split evenly between the three new PROJECT skins. The Vigilante for Vayne, The Cop for Vi, and The Artist for Jhin. These are just for the separate themes and do not require players to actually play with them to complete missions.

Prologue: Win a matchmade game
Reward: PROJECT: Hunters Icon

The Vigilante

  1. Kill 10 Rift Scuttlers as a team
    Reward: 4 PROJECT Tokens
  2. Kill seven Dragons as a team
    Reward: 8 PROJECT Tokens
  3. Kill a neutral Rift Herald as a team, kill two Baron Nashors as a team
    Reward: 8 PROJECT Tokens
  4. Kill 120 enemy champions as a team, kill 10 enemy champions while overcharged in the Overcharge mode as a team
    Reward: 12 PROJECT Tokens

The Cop

  1. Use your ultimate 20 times, destroy 15 charge bots in Overcharge as a team
    Reward: 4 PROJECT Tokens
  2. Destroy 15 towers as a team, destroy three inhibitors as a team
    Reward: 4 PROJECT Tokens
  3. Place a control ward in three games, get 20 assists
    Reward: 4 PROJECT Tokens
  4. Get 40 kills and/or assists, win two matchmade games
    Reward: 8 PROJECT Tokens

The Artist

  1. Collect 44,444 gold, purchase 24 items
    Reward: 8 PROJECT Tokens
  2. Win a game after earning 12,000 gold, purchase boots in four games
    Reward: 8 PROJECT Tokens
  3. Purchase 12 items valued over 2,500 gold, place four wards in four different games
    Reward: 12 PROJECT Tokens
  4. Deal 144,444 damage to enemy champions, destroy 14 enemy wards as a team
    Reward: 16 PROJECT Tokens

The End of the Hunt: Win a PvP game of Summoner’s Rift in under 33 minutes
Reward: PROJECT: Hunters emote

The nature of loot earned depends on the number of tokens amassed during the event. There is no set time or date on when the tokens can be redeemed as long as they are before the event concludes. Unused tokens are either going to be removed afterwards or kept until a future event.

  • 20 Blue Essence (1 token)
  • Key Fragment (12 tokens)
  • PROJECT Champion Orb (32 tokens)
  • PROJECT Skin Orb (48 tokens or 250 RP)
  • PROJECT Skin Shard (64 tokens)
  • Three Hunters Borders and Final Hunt Icon (80 tokens)

The Champion and Skin Orbs contain either a champion or skin shard. There is also a rare chance of an orb dropping another orb. To clarify, the PROJECT Skin Shard will not contain any of the three new PROJECT skins.

The PROJECT: Hunters event is going to run for League of Legends until December 4. Make sure to complete as many missions as possible for some sweet loot.