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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Beginners Guide – Best Themes, Loans, Crafting, Villagers, Leaf Tickets

If you are new to Animal Crossing, you will not be aware of the full potential of all of the mechanics that are available at your disposal. This Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Beginners Guide will tell you all that there is to know for a new player of the game such as what you need to do to get started and how you can make your experience a little more enjoyable than it would otherwise be.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Beginners Guide

In this Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Beginners Guide, we will take a look at some very crucial Tips and Tricks which will ensure that you know what you are doing as you hop into the game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Beginners Guide

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Themes

At the start of the game, you will have the chance to select a theme, which will determine which starter kit you get. It is not that important since you can still get all of the items and villagers anyway.

You can also change it later on. The four themes are natural, cute, sporty and cool. Try to experiment with them and choose the one that fits your style of play the best.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Cycles

Remember the game runs in cycles. There will be a day and night cycle and also a Seasonal Cycle. Other things such as The Market Place and Animal movement also change after a set amount of time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Loans

You can also take out loans and pay them off later. It can be found on the ‘More’ tab. Pay it off in small amounts, but remember you cannot get upgrades until a loan is paid off.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Crafting

You can craft up to three items at a single time so remember to keep on crafting as many items as you can. There is no downside to crafting so try to craft better items as many times, as you can.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Campsite

This is the main area of your game. You want to make your friends visit you. You need to craft some items for them to visit you. Use the automatic placement and removal of setups to ensure you do not have to mess with your campsite to invite friends in.

Get Log-In Rewards

All you need to do is to log in to the game once a day to get some in-game currency, which can range from bells to furniture to materials. These rewards stack up day by day so remember to ensure that you log in.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Goals

Some goals are changing regularly and are timed but some of them are stretch goals, which take longer amounts of time and give you bigger rewards. You need to visit the mailbox after you press ‘collect all’ to claim your rewards for completing the goals.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friends

Add friends to your account to complete various sorts of challenges with them to get rewards that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Stash Everything

Make sure to collect every single thing that you see. Initially, your inventory might be small but you can put all the items that you do not need on sale or use them to craft better items.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Leaf Tickets

Leaf tickets are incredibly hard to come by so remember to not waste them in a spur of the moment decision. Try to earn the tickets and only use them for stuff that you absolutely require.

That is all we have for our Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!