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10 Interesting Facts About The Punisher

The Punisher series has just started and if you have been out of touch or are new to the comic universe then you can check out these interesting facts regarding The Punisher. He is one of the most iconic characters in the comic universe and you will remember the iconic white skull if you are a fan of comics or superheroes and villains.

Here we are going to talk about The Punisher, the people that he has faced off, how he is seen in the universe by other heroes and some other facts that might be of interestest to you. 10 facts that you need to know about The Punisher are as follows:

The Punisher Was Supposed To Be The Adversary Of Spiderman
In The Amazing Spider-Man #129 that came out in 1974, Frank Castle was the villain that was tasked to hunt down Spiderman after he was accused of murdering Norman Osborn. But then he found out that he was being tricked into killing Spiderman and then sided with the web-slinger instead.

The Punisher Is Inspired By Mack Bolan: The Executioner
Mack Bolan is a famous character by Don Pendleton who has made his way to plenty of books and we can see the similarities between Mack Bolan the Executioner and The Punisher. Both have their families killed and are seeking revenge and both have been in the army. Both also have deadly combat skills and are pretty good with guns.

The Punisher Is An Anti-Hero
Frank does not mind killing people whom he thinks deserve it and that is the main reason why he is more of an anti-hero rather than the good guy. Frank has a history of breaking the law in order to achieve his end goals.

There Are Two Comic Origins For The Iconic Skull Symbol
The iconic skull symbol has been with this character since the very beginning but where does this skull come from? There are two origin stories that you need to know. In the original Punisher from Marvel comics, this symbol was used in order to inform people of their fate. The Punisher chose the skill while fighting in Vietnam, he was up against a spider known as The Monkey who matched Frank’s skills.

In his efforts, Frank was captured and he painted the skull on his chest as well as on The Monkey to let him know that Frank was coming for him. In Punisher MAX the while skull comes to him in a dream. It is also said that he uses the skull in order to distract his enemies so that they shoot the skull rather than his head.

The Punisher Died And Came Back
Like many characters in comics, The Punisher has died and he came back. He once was chosen to come back in the form of an angel. In another storyline, he was killed by Wolverine’s son. Later Morbius and Man-Thing reconstruct and revive him to form the renowned Franken-Castle. At the end, he was truly healed and brought back.

The Punisher Killed The Marvel Universe
The Punisher is an anti-hero and for that reason, he sees eye to eye with neither villains nor the heroes in the comic universe. He likes some heroes like Captain America but there are those that feel threatened by him. In the arc called Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe he kills every hero and villain in the Marvel universe starting with Cyclopse.

In this version of the story, Frank’s family is killed while X-Men and Avengers are fighting one another. He kills everyone he thinks was involved and his killing spree ends with him killing his friend Matt Murdock, who is the Daredevil.

Encounter With The Joker
In a crossover, we see Frank face to face with The Joker and here we see that The Joker actually fears Frank. Something that we usually do not see from this character. Like always Batman intervenes.

The Punisher Shot Off Wolverine’s Member
In one of the storylines, The Punisher blew off Wolverine’s head and his member as well. He was going to burn Wolverine as well but was interrupted.

Stan Lee Came Up With The Name
The character was going to be called Assassin but Stan Lee later made changes and now we have The Punisher.

Let us know what you think about The Punisher.