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New Monster Hunter World Screenshots Show Off The Hub Area

A series of new Monster Hunter World screenshots have been revealed, showing off the various facilities and activities that you can do in the game’s social hub. The hub, called Astera, is a vital part of any Monster Hunter game, as it’s there that you rest up, get meals, and craft items.

The hub also allows you to take on new hunts, so going back there after every mission is vital. Whether it’s upgrading your skills or crafting new armor from that vicious beast that you just killed on a hunt, the hub is the most important spot in any Monster Hunter game.

To start with, we have the Botanical Research Center. Here you can study plants that you pick, and can farm resources for crafting. You can also pick up optional quests here.

Next there’s the Housing Facility, where you can change the player’s equipment and customize the appearance of your palico, your constant companion throughout the game. If you capture monsters out on your hunt, you can also release them into the housing facility as pets. You can also use the house to access training grounds, or sleep between hunts.

Another, less grandiose spot you can go in the hub is the melting pot, where you can craft consumable items like potions. This, the quest boards, and the various other things you can access in the hub, can all be seen in the new Monster Hunter World screenshots.

Considering that Monster Hunter has been a Playstation and Nintendo-exclusive video game series for a long time, having it finally be able to come to the Xbox and Xbox One X will hopefully bring in a whole new slew of Monster Hunter fans that will prove to Capcom that this port can be repeated in the future.

To look at the new Monster Hunter World screenshots for yourself, just look further up this article. Monster Hunter World releases on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on January 26.