First-Party Xbox One X Games Are Now Under Development, Says Phil Spencer

Xbox president Phil Spencer has said that the first-party Xbox one X games that were promised at E3 2017 are now under development, marketing a new stage in the console’s history. The games will be developed specifically with the console in mind (along with the regular Xbox One), much like Uncharted.

The Uncharted series is one of the Playstation 4’s premiere first-party games, and while Microsoft has a number of games for first-party titles in the form of Halo and Gears of War, two Xbox exclusives that are seen as its heavy hitters, it doesn’t have the same sort of exclusives that it used to.

One of the Playstation 4’s main advantages over the Xbox One is that the console has a wide variety of console exclusives. However, Microsoft’s own exclusives are getting fewer and far between, as many PC gamers decide to get Microsoft games on their PCs, rather than working with what they see as inferior hardware on the Xbox One.

If the Xbox One X is going to be a success, then Microsoft really needs to create first-party Xbox One X games that people will actually want to play and that also look good. The Last of Us and Uncharted, along with various other high-profile games on the Playstation 4, have had visuals also play into how many people buy them.

While Xbox was able to get Cuphead on the Xbox One, many people also, once again, played it on the PC, and even with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds being ported to the Xbox One, many people will likely continue to play it on the PC unless they don’t have a PC that can run games.

There’s no real information about the first-party Xbox One X games that we’ll be getting, but hopefully they’re good enough to sell more units for the console, and hopefully sell some more of the Xbox One as well to let Microsoft catch up to Playstation some.