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Doom for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBGs) Cheaters

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBGs is being published by the biggest publisher in China, Tencent. The title will now be the product of a collaboration between PlayerUnknown, BlueHole, and Tencent in China. The best part of this partnership is that they will have a dedicated focus on banning cheaters.

According to a translated summary by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, it will emphasize “banning cheaters” and “making the game work around regulations.” PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has banned over 700K players already.

This also reduces the chance of PUBGs being banned in China. Tencent is one of the biggest names in China and it wouldn’t have invested in a game that it expects to be banned in the region.

If PUBG was to launch officially, Bluehole would need to partner with a Chinese publisher and submit the game to the SAPPRFT for a license. If PUBG was to go down this route, we believe that it would be harder for them to get approval without making changes to the game as per SAPPRFT content regulations. This is similar to the situation we saw with Counter Strike: GO in China where Perfect World had to remove and edit some elements of the game prior to official launch. For example, they had to change the color of blood from red to black.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest and most played games in the world right now. It earned 7 world records recently and with 2 million concurrent players, its sheer popularity alone will help it get through its troubles in China.

PUBGs developer is already worth $4 Billion and is in talks with Sony to bring it to PlayStation 4. It has already sold 20 million copies worldwide ahead of its release on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Source: NikoPartners