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Crisis On Earth X Crossover: What Is Earth X?

Crisis on Earth X is the title of the new Crossover between The Flash, Heroes of Tomorrow, Arrow and Supergirl. The term Earth X dates back to the 1970s but has not been used much so I would not be surprised if the majority of the fans do not know what Earth X really is. There are many dimensions that the Flash has traveled to, each has a version of Earth. Earth X is one of them.

On this version of Earth, Germany wins World War 2. This was because of Overman which is Superman but landed in Germany occupied region and was raised by Hitler himself. The basic theme for the crossover will be stopping the villains on Earth X. The concept of Germany winning World War 2 is not a new one and we have seen adaptations of that in games as well.

On this version of Earth, we have Overgirl, that is the X version of Supergirl. She will be one of the villains that the heroes will try and defeat. Earth X Superman, Overman is another villain that we will see. Next up we have the evil version of The Green Arrow. We also have the X version of The Flash.

We all know that both Superman and Supergirl are very powerful. If you have seen Justice League yet then you will know that Super Man can easily keep up with Flash. If that is indeed the case with Overman as well then it will be interesting to see how the gang will be able to beat these super villains.

We have included some art of the upcoming Crisis crossover for you to check out as well.

Crisis On Earth X

Let us know what you think about the Crisis on Earth X crossover and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in watching.