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The Pokemon Company Teases Something Called “Project Eevee”, More Info Tomorrow

The Pokemon Company has started teasing the existence of something called Project Eevee, though they haven’t really explained anything about what it is yet. The project first came to light when an official Twitter account for the project was created, and it’s an official Pokemon account too, whatever that entails.

Eevee is one of the more popular Pokemon in the franchise, and is one of the most notable due to its ability to evolve into a wide variety of other evolutions via the use of numerous evolutionary stones or evolving at certain times of the day, or with a number of other qualities. Whatever Project Eevee is about, it might focus around this little fox.

The Twitter page announced that more information about the project could be coming on November 21, tomorrow, though we have no idea of what sort of information that will be, especially when Nintendo just released a pair of new Pokemon games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, last Friday.

Then again, there are plenty of different sorts of Pokemon side-games that Project Eevee could be a part of. Whether it’s Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, a new Poke Park game, or a Tomagotchi-like mobile game where you care for an Eevee, what we do have at least some inkling of is that it might star an Eevee as the central character, unless Eevee is just the project name and it doesn’t really have any bearing on what the game is.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow and see what comes of this Project Eevee, along with what sort of game it is and what sorts of platforms it will be on. What we do know is that it likely won’t be a core Pokemon game, since Nintendo has said that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon would be the last core Pokemon games on the 3DS.