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Nintendo’s Pikachu Talk For Google Home Is Out In Japan, Sounds Cool But Unhelpful

It might seem like a joke at first, but Nintendo has really released an application for use with Google Home, Google Home Mini and Amazon’s Alexa device named Pikachu Talk which basically lets Pikachu talk to you and help you out with whatever the basic devices help you with.

Google Japan has even posted a video about it on Twitter along with some Pikachu plushies and we can’t help but wonder. Is this any useful?

Even if it sounds hilarious since Pikachu can only “speak” one word, Nintendo has already filed a trademark application about Pikachu Talk. JapaneseNintendo posted the whole trademark application saying:

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for a trademark for Pikachu Talk which is the upcoming app for Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Amazon Alexa devices.

What Pikachu Talk looks like is a basic Google Home device but with no human voice answering to you. All you get is a cute Pika Pika in various of tones.

Pikachu can’t actually help you with details on the weather forecast or an answer to a question via Google but can let you have fun hearing it for a day or two, before realizing that this is utterly unhelpful.

Google Japan has posted a video demonstrating this application on Twitter, showing a Google Home Mini and some Pikachu plushies while a woman voice operates the device. There’s even a video of two devices with the Pikachu Talk application talking to each other.

Irony aside, even if this application is a cool marketing trick since Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has just released but Pikachu can’t give you the information you need from the Google Home devices. However, whatever you say the answer will always be the same but with another tone, so that means it doesn’t make mistakes. Right?

In other news, The Pokemon Company has started teasing the existence of something called Project Eevee, though they haven’t really explained anything about what it is yet. The project first came to light when an official Twitter account for the project was created, and it’s an official Pokemon account too.

The Pikachu Talk application is already available in Japan and will launch in the West in 2018.