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Next Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC Will Feature A New Playable Character

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition has released a couple days ago and with it some information about the next Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC has been revealed. As stated in the description of Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Gold Edition, its next DLC will include, amongst others, a whole new exclusive world and a new playable character.

Nintendo has announced the Gold Edition which includes the base game, the Ultra Challenge Pack which was released on November 17th and new content which will be added in early 2018 and include “a new exclusive world and a new playable character”.

This new Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC seems to be bringing something huge to the game. Maybe a crossover with another Nintendo game? An existing Mario character that we haven’t seen yet? We’ll have to be patient to find that one out.

Fans on ResetEra, where this information was first revealed voted on who this new character may be and many of them got as fas as to even hope that Rayman would be that new playable character.

The game’s first DLC, Ultra Challenge Pack, offers a co-op campaign, 8 Ultra Hard Challenges, and 16 new weapons to go crazy with. The whole Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Season Pass costs $79.99 and is available since November 17th.

Some months back, Nintendo tried to tease the contents of this upcoming DLC and make the price of the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle season pass really worth it by saying that in 2018 there will also be some “unexpected” story content that will be available for free to season pass owners.

Our favorite Mario and Rabbids crossover title seems to be far from over and with Super Mario Odyssey becoming a hit on Nintendo Switch since its release, its safe to say that this new Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC will bring something really cool and unexpected to the game. After all Nintendo isn’t the type of company that hypes products just to underdeliver in the end.