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League of Legends Community Has Voted for Battlecast Illaoi

Players from around the world have been voting since the beginning of the month to decide between one of the following skins: Battlecast Illaoi, Adventurer Illaoi, and Deep Space Illaoi. The polls closed earlier today, confirming that majority of the community has chosen the “part machine, part human” attire for the Kraken priestess.

Posting on its official website, Riot Games revealed that more than six million votes were registered from around the world. Battlecast Illaoi raked in 45 percent of all votes, with Deep Space Illaoi netting 30 percent, and Adventurer Illaoi receiving 25 percent.

The developer also confirmed that most of the votes for Battlecast Illaoi were placed by players with have over a hundred, as well as over a thousand, games on the champion. Hence, the community should have no need to argue over whether trolls affected the polls or not.

Battlecast Illaoi currently exist only on the drawing board. Riot Games is aiming to release the skin in the first half of next year. It should take about four months to develop the skin, provided that there are no hiccups along the way.

“We want you to be able to follow along as we make the skin—from concepting, animation, sound design, naming, and all other aspects of what actually goes into making a League skin—so we’ll post a development update every two weeks here on Nexus,” Riot Games promised.

Illaoi was released more than two years ago and since then has only her sole launch skin–Void Bringer Illaoi–to her name. While the champions has relatively not been that popular compared to others, there is no reason why she should not get new additions to her wardrobe.