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6 Best Things to Take Away From League of Legends Patch 7.23

Riot Games has released a brand new League of Legends patch, the first one to arrive after the pre-season update went into full swing earlier this month.

In addition to adjustments for champions and the newly introduces runes system, there are several new features that the community has been requesting for a while now. There are also a couple of surprises in there. Here are six of the best things that you should know about the new League of Legends patch.

New champion approaches
Zoe, the bubbly and very talkative new champion, is finally here with abilities and mechanics that are new to the game. She will be released during the patch, so expect her to arrive in the coming days.

More Blue Essence and normalized leveling
There was an outcry earlier this month regarding how the new currency, combined with an overhauled progression system, has made it harder to unlock champions. In response, Riot Games is increasing the amount of Blue Essence earned between levels. In addition, leveling past 50 will now require less amounts of experience points. This was pretty daunting previously.

Show your skins collection
The highly requested Skins Tab is now available for players to sort their collection, and even view the full-sized version of splash arts.

High elo spectating returns
Players can finally spectate Challenger-tier games from their profile pages. The feature was removed from League of Legends once the new client went into beta.

Hunt in a new game mode
Overcharge is a three-versus-three deathmatch mode where players can choose only marksmen, and destroy bots to fill a meter to gain various benefits.

New PROJECT skins for your wallet
One of the most popular skin lineups is expanding this week to make way for PROJECT Jhin, PROJECT Vi, and PROJECT Vayne.

There are obviously a ton of buffs and nerfs for several champions in the game. Rather than going through all of them, you can browse the official patch notes for your desired champion or champions for that matter.